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#UniconDirectors Conference in Hong Kong: Recap

Returning from the bustling and intellectually stimulating environment of the #UniconDirectors Conference in Hong Kong, many of us are juggling a plethora of notes with an avalanche of emails. The challenge of distilling and sharing the insights gained with our teams can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you!

Gene Mage – Chair, UNICON Technology Disruptor Working Group (Michigan Ross School of Business, alongside co-hosts HKust (Hong Kong University of Science and Tecnology) and The Ivey Academy) was also the exceptional Master of Ceremonies for this event, and has recorded a comprehensive video summarizing the key takeaways. Below, we’ll delve into the specific themes he discussed in the video.

Catch all the key takeaways from the #UniconDirectors Conference by watching Gene Mage’s insightful video recap. Stay ahead and make the most of the knowledge shared at the conference.

Navigating the Future

Gene introduced the central themes of the conference. The first theme was “the future.” This theme focused on making good decisions today that will position us well for multiple uncertain futures.

A highlight was the session with futurist Sabrina Sullivan, who provided frameworks and ways to think about future planning. One key framework was to identify and challenge our assumptions, as these unchallenged assumptions often present the best opportunities for innovation.

Enhancing Partnerships

The second theme was about “partnerships.” The discussions emphasized the importance of forming and nurturing strategic partnerships. Effective partnerships can enhance the reach and impact of executive education programs, providing mutual benefits and fostering innovation.

Gene Mage shared insights on how the sessions highlighted successful partnership models and strategies for developing strong collaborations that can drive forward executive education initiatives. He emphasized the need to understand your business school and what you’re about to jump into with a partnership. Additionally, partnerships can extend beyond business schools to include a wider array of institutions and organizations.

Focusing on the Customer

The third theme focused on the “customer.” The conference sessions underscored the importance of understanding and meeting the needs of the customer. This involves tailoring executive education programs to provide maximum value and impact for participants.

Attendees explored ways to ensure that the programs are designed with the customer in mind, emphasizing the importance of customer-centric approaches in delivering successful educational experiences. Gene Mage highlighted the significance of continually adapting to customer feedback and evolving needs.

Adapting Business Education to a Changing World

Another crucial discussion point was how business education has evolved over the past 100 years and how it needs to continue adapting to a rapidly changing world. The conversations centered around the importance of innovation in educational approaches and the integration of new technologies and methodologies to keep pace with global changes.

Sessions provided strategies for ensuring that business education remains relevant and impactful. This involves understanding global trends, cultural shifts, and the specific needs of the business community.

Facilitating Knowledge Sharing

To ensure that these valuable insights are accessible to all, Gene’s video serves as an excellent resource. Whether you need to brief your team or catch up on missed sessions, this video encapsulates the essence of the conference.

We understand the challenge of balancing post-conference tasks, and this video is designed to make the process smoother for you. Share it with your teams, discuss the takeaways, and start implementing the insights in your programs.

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