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UNICON Learning Community on Volute

    Melanie Weaver Barnett

We have fielded a number of inquiries recently about the online UNICON Learning Community in Volute; here is a quick description to get you started and to create the most value for yourself and your team.

In the same way that you want your executive education participants and clients to stay connected and to continue and deepen their learning, UNICON has partnered with Volute to make this possible for us! Volute is a lifelong learning community platform offering 24/7 access to connections, knowledge sharing, and networking opportunities, and UNICON now has our own learning community here. If, after reading this, you still have questions or feedback, you can contact the Volute team by emailing info@volute.education.


  • You may already be registered in the UNICON Learning Community on Volute.
  • If you are, go directly to the Volute platform at https://app.volute.global/home or via the UNICON website–click “MEMBER LOGIN” at the top right of your screen.
  • If you are not registered, find the “Need a login? Request Access” link in the top righthand corner of the UNICON website home page https://uniconexed.org, or use the link here: Need a login? Request access. We will send you an invitation to join.


  • Once registered, you will see on your home page the discussion topics to which you have access. Some topics are available to everyone, like Conferences, Marketing, and Salesforce/CRM Strategy. Some discussion topics are created for subsets of members; for example, the Coffee Chat groups can share content and host their meetings here and each of those discussion areas is exclusive to its group members.
  • Once you click into a discussion area you can:
    • start and/or engage in threaded conversations
    • post content to share–documents, web links, photos, presentations, etc.
    • schedule or attend an already-scheduled live ‘meet up’ related to the discussion topic
    • use Volute’s AI to get highly personalized responses based on the activity and content shared in that discussion topic area
    • read, react, and comment on members’ posts


  • You can also access a mobile version of Volute–follow the prompts when you access the platform from your mobile browser.
  • Use the new AI bot at the top of each discussion topic to summarize, synthesize, compare and contrast, extract key points, ask questions, etc. Try it out on the new Tom Ryan research paper on The Business Case for Executive Education in the new Research: Customer Centricity discussion topic.
  • Your feedback on your experience in the Volute platform is valuable, and we’ve already made enhancements for UNICON members based on it! Share your feedback at info@volute.education.
Happy connecting and learning,