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UNICON – The First Fifty Years

The First Fifty Years – (1972 – 2022)

Pat Cataldo

“From its initial inception of a small group of executive education directors getting together to discuss issues related to their business, the name UNICON (University Consortium for Executive Education) comprises a membership now regarded as the global reference for executive education.”

“The project started with a review of A Short History of the University Consortium for Executive Education, written by Robert R. Fair, November 4, 1991, available on the website. Bob was the inaugural chair of UNICON in 1988. He had an excellent recall of the meetings and events from the first gathering at the University of Michigan in 1972 to 1991.

The next phase required information gathering and reviews from 1994 to 2009 in the UNICON slide show from the website. This provided conference dates/themes and key events. There was also a timeline of significant events that was obtained and reviewed.

The research phase involved gathering additional data from the internet and other sources as the basis for the remaining inputs to bring the history to 2021.”

Pat Cataldo

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Link to Robert Fair’s Article on the early history of UNICON