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UNICON Expresses Gratitude to Three Board Members for Their Service

Each year two board members complete their terms. This year, those finishing their board term are Peter Methot, Associate Dean of Executive Education at Rutgers Business School, and Devin Bigoness, Chief Client Officer, Executive Education and Lifelong Learning at the Darden School at the University of Virginia. Peter and Devin provided superb leadership and contributions to UNICON. In addition, Kan Cai, Associate Director at PBC School of Finance, Tsinghua University, stepped down from his board position after being assigned a new role at Tsinghua.

  Peter Methot

Peter served as board chair in his final appointment year and prior to that served on the Communications committee. Under Peter’s board leadership, the board adopted a new strategic planning process, restructured meetings to spend more time on challenging issues, partnered with Volute to create the UNICON Learning Community, lead the development of a new UNICON website, and engaged a marketing agency to better promote UNICON and university-based executive education. Peter, thank you for your calm and astute board leadership and your many contributions!

  Devin Bigoness

Devin co-chaired the Conference Committee and helped lead us through the period of online conferences during the pandemic. Then, emerging from the pandemic, and while still in his role with Cornell University, Devin hosted an excellent directors’ conference on Roosevelt Island in NYC–the first face-to-face conference after the pandemic lock-down. He then continued his Board Term in his current role at the Darden School at the University of Virginia. During his time on the Board, he worked to maintain and grow a diverse and global conference slate and was an active contributor to the Board’s strategic discussions. Thank you, Devin, for your contributions to our conferences and other activities.

  Kan Cai

Kan was instrumental to UNICON in keeping Asia-based schools engaged and informed during the difficult pandemic period. He served as co-chair of the Membership Committee and in that role, helped guide interested schools in attaining UNICON Membership through our application process. Kan, we are grateful for your contributions and wish you all the best in your next role!

2023-2024 Board of Directors and Committee Members