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The Future of UNICON – the Next Fifty Years

“The Future of UNICON – the Next Fifty Years”

Peter Hirst, Michael Malefakis

“As we all know all too well, making predictions–especially about the future–is a tricky business. After two years of pandemic-induced turbulence and disruption, of which the longer-term consequences for our industry are still not at all clear (to us, at any rate!), we are all justifiably humble about prognostication. Even our predictions of a year or two ago about how deep the impacts of Covid-19 would be and how quickly our businesses would recover (or not) had a wild variance and only a fleeting acquaintance with the experience that ensued.”

“One final suggestion from us (based on our experience working together on this fun project): rather than focus exclusively on data and metrics to predict the future, try also reflecting on qualitative descriptions that can help paint a different view of the future by giving some directional insights. One of the most prescient predictions we came across while writing this piece dates from a time when UNICON was barely conceived. It was made by Alvin Toffler in the 1970 epic work of futurology, Future Shock: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” As the 21st century enters its golden years, and UNICON celebrates its glorious centenary, what might our successors’ successors predict for the 22nd century? Answers on a postcard (or transcranial neural memory implant) please!”


Peter Hirst, Michael Malefakis

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The Future of Unicon – the Next Fifty Years-Hirst-Malefakis