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Implications of Artificial Intelligence on Business Schools and Lifelong Learning

Research sponsored by AACSB, EMBAC, and UNICON

Conducted by the Academic Leadership Group

Authors: Jennifer Stine, Anne Trumbore, Toby Woll, and Heber Sambucetti

If the goal of business education is to equip workforce leaders to master AI’s opportunities and challenges, new linguistics, skills, technologies, strategies, ethics, and world views will have to be understood and embraced by existing management and cadres newly entering the workforce. However, the state-of-the-art AI that needs to be taught is itself just beginning to emerge ….

What can be said from our investigation is that almost every business school we spoke with is responding to the AI challenge in some fashion, including experimenting with curricular changes and new process technologies, exploring cross-disciplinary collaborations, or even creating new schools or academic units.