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2021 UNICON Team Development Conference Summary

Role of Executive Education in Lifelong Learning: Building for What’s Next

Thank you to all who virtually attended the 2021 Team Development Conference hosted by Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School. During the conference, we enjoyed discussing this year’s theme with our speakers and participants focusing on how to build a sustainable, flexible and adaptable lifelong learning ecosystem fit for the future of work. We would also like to thank Johns Hopkins University Carey Business School for their hard work and dedication to running this successful event!

IEDP Developing Leaders has written a detailed review of the 2021 UNICON Team Development Conference, hosted by Johns Hopkins University Carey School of Business.

“The three themes for this year’s conference – accessibility, flexibility, and sustainability – provide deep-dive subject matter opportunities, to stimulate the kinds of reflection, creative thinking, and discussion that typifies all UNICON events.”

The IEDP report includes a summary of key insights.

Day 1: Accessibility

On the first day of the conference, we discussed how we’ve opened our doors, expanded our reach to new audiences and adapted programming to best serve those audiences.

We also reviewed the current state of executive education with a debrief of the 2021 UNICON Membership Benchmarking Survey, presented by Nora Anderson, Serge Lafrance, and Mark Lewis.

Day 2: Flexibility

On this day, we explored the opportunities and organizational structures in executive education which have mobilized change in our industry. This included flexible approaches to custom programming and supporting our teams, the role of lifelong learning and agility in life design, and lessons from a hospital president in building a resilient team during the pandemic.

This day featured a session from Beth Blauer from the Johns Hopkins Center for Civic Impact and Coronavirus Resource Center to explore the use of data in decision-making and policy building.

Day 3: Sustainability

On this day, we explored how change has disrupted the industry and uncovered opportunities for collaboration, including sessions on stackables and microcredentialing, new business models, and more. We also heard from Mike Malefakis and Susan Cates from Leeds Illuminate on how our VC-funded competitors may be our best new collaborators.

Welcome, UNICON Newcomers!

We were so happy to virtually welcome over 300 participants to the 2021 UNICON Team Development Conference. We are also pleased to have our newcomers join this year. They were welcomed in our newcomer session by Robert S. Dietel, Director of Executive Programs at MIT Sloan School of Management, who informed them about UNICON, the conference, and what’s to come in the future.

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