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New UNICON Online Communications Effort Comes to Fruition

Two years ago, the UNICON Communications Committee began strategizing how UNICON can better communicate with the various constituencies we serve.

We worked with our communications agency, The Belfort Group, Boston, Massachusetts, to develop a new website and importantly, a new forum for ongoing communications among our members.

Throughout the website, you will find new features for UNICON events, content, and resources. One priority was to internationalize the site experience. The new site easily translates into any number of languages using Google translation services while also updating and enhancing user experience.

A second priority was to build an on-going platform for the exchange of ideas and materials. Led by 2021-2022 UNICON Communications Committee co-chairs Peter MethotAldemir Drummond and Rob Dietel, UNICON chose the social learning platform Volute for this task.

Volute is “a social sharing platform that propels business schools into lifelong learning.” Nicholas Hamilton-Archer, Executive Director, Executive Education at Carnegie Mellon University, notes that “Volute provides a different way to connect learners, share insights, and foster unique partnerships outside formal gatherings.”

The new website will go live in March, followed by connection to the Volute platform.

We are excited to show the world our new communication paradigm. We trust you will be excited as well.