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Leadership Academy Completes Important Segment


Before the Team Development Conference in Vancouver, the seventh cohort of the Leadership Academy attended an all-day session on “Creating a Value Proposition and a Business Model.”

The session was led by Mónica Sacristán Fanjul, Dean of Executive Development, ITAM – Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México. Mónica has been deeply involved with the Leadership Academy since it was founded in 2016.

After the session, the UNICON board held a reception for the group; twenty-two of the 24 participants were able to attend. This class will graduate from the academy next June.

The UNICON Leadership Academy is an eight-month development program designed specifically for university-based executive education professionals seeking to transition into leadership roles within member schools.

The Academy is designed for individuals seeking T-shaped leadership development within the Executive Education industry and Director-level leaders, with two years of University experience.

The Academy is geared towards analyzing the Business Model proposition. The program includes teamwork, projects, webinars, mentoring, individual development planning, peer coaching, and an in-person session to coincide with the annual team conference.

Nothing but good things to say about the Academy:


Karen Tse, Manager, Executive Education Office, HKUST Business School

To me, people are definitely the highlight of the Academy. From the speakers and coordinators to participants, they are all devoted, serious and energetic about the program which makes it successful and valuable. I treasure our monthly meetings as I can talk to people who truly care and are willing to share about the industry.


Maria Sierra-Wilburn, Ph.D., former Associate Director, Executive Education Enrollment; currently Adjunct Professor, Business Psychology Department, PhD Program

It’s been wonderful meeting such a diverse, open, and sharing group of individuals. Hearing of others’ experiences and realizing how much you share in those experiences helps to validate what you do and feel less alone. Being able to learn from the cohort has been invaluable

Mike Malefakis, Former CEO & Associate Vice Dean, Wharton Executive Education; currently President, University Partnerships

I highly recommend the LA for skill building and motivating key team members. One thing the pandemic has taught us is that yesterday’s ways of doing Executive Education
are not sufficient to ensure success in the future and the LA helps keep everyone who attends up-to-date with some of the latest developments around our industry.


Sign up for the 8th cohort begins in March

Interested parties can contact Taryn Streed tarynstreed@uniconexed.org directly.