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12 Foundations of Values-based Leadership for Sustainability From The 2022 UNICON Team Development Conference

Based on a talk by Daniel Skarlicki, Edgar F. Kaiser Professor of Organizational Behaviour at the University of British Columbia’s Sauder School of Business

“For leaders in executive education, aligning our work with personal values can be a powerful behavioural change driver for positive societal impact.”

This third piece is an Infographic encapsulating Daniel Skarlicki’s presentation on values-based leadership.

“12 Foundations of Values-based Leadership for Sustainability”

As part of our continued efforts to drive increased value to the UNICON membership, UNICON asked our partner IEDP to create a set of post-conference follow-up content with the emphasis on concise, action-oriented takeaways, to reinforce our in-person experience.

You can download the first content piece here:

Motivation and Inspiration from UNICON’s Team Development Conference 2022 – from IEDP

The second IEDP piece on the conference is available as well:

Applying the SHIFT model of behavior change to executive education

With such a rich conference, we have captured only a flavor of the inspiration and motivation from last week. Please share your own quotes, experiences, and insights that have stuck with you in the LinkedIn UNICON group or register/sign in to the UNICON Volute Community: