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University of Pretoria

Gordon Institute of Business Science


Johannesburg, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa

Founded in 2000, we are the University of Pretoria’s triple accredited business school, based in Sandton, Johannesburg – South Africa’s economic hub. With many multinationals within a 5km² of our campus, we can expose our students and participants to local and global experiences that enrich their learning. The school is named after Sir Donald Gordon, in recognition of his contribution to South African business and a significant endowment to GIBS.

We partner with diverse organisations and stakeholders to co-create innovative contemporary learning solutions that inspire exceptional performance to make business healthier. We do this by catalysing agency and mobilising leaders who create meaningful positive change. Our conviction is simple: change, which is a prerequisite for improved performance in any context, occurs at an individual level. Scaling and embedding change occurs when enabled individuals, collectively take up the challenge of being change agents.

You can expect quality learning experiences that seek to enable this change and ensure that there is a creation of value for everyone. For the participant on a programme, for their team and for the organisation. The promise of quality is supported by the local and international accreditations we hold, including being a PRME champion, the efficient, accessible learning platforms we leverage, as well as by the rich networks that enable us to bring diverse perspectives to any learning experience.

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University of Pretoria