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Sciences Po

Sciences Po


Paris, France

Sciences Po, Paris

For almost 150 years, Sciences Po has devoted

itself to training women and men for positions

of responsibility: decision-making roles in which

they become both talented leaders and responsible


We are committed to continuing the work that

Sciences Po’s founder, Émile Boutmy, began. In 1872,

Boutmy established an institution that would educate

the leaders of tomorrow, by way of a unique

curriculum that sets humanities and social sciences

at its core.

We are also convinced of the potential of talent,

the world’s most durable resource for confronting

upcoming changes and challenges.




At Sciences Po, more than 250 dedicated researchers

and professors in the humanities and social sciences

study changes in the contemporary world and its

various challenges. Their work – which aims to understand political

and economic phenomena and their social and

technological impact – unfolds within the wider

domains of global health, education, urban

development, international security, the environment,

democracy, and many others.


Since its establishment over 150 years ago, Sciences

Po has not ceased evolving and developing.

Today, Sciences Po is among the finest research

institutions in Europe, with a resolutely international

outlook manifested in its internationally recognised

research and degrees, multicultural community,

and network of partners across the globe.

This global reach is mirrored in the expansion of our

ever-growing campus in France. We offer our students

a unique educational experience that can take place

on any of our seven multicultural campuses, each

of which specialises in its own geographical region.


Executive Education


For 50 years, Sciences Po Executive Education

has been bringing the educational mission and the

academic excellence of Sciences Po ever closer

to the realities of working life for professionals.

We are here to give to executives, to directors,

and to the companies that they work for, the keys

to knowledge that will one day become the keys

to action.

That is why over 4,000 professionals attend courses

each year on our site in the heart of Paris and the

historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighbourhood.

Human richness plays an ever more central role in

our courses. We believe that what will distinguish the

organisations of tomorrow, be they private or public,

is the degree to which they foster innovation and

allow their staff to reveal their talents.

Nourished by the humanities and social sciences,

inspired by the work of our academics, and driven

by the conviction that learning must be pursued

throughout life, our courses go beyond the simple

transmission of skills and knowledge. They prepare

individuals and their organisations for the challenges

of tomorrow, giving them the boldness they need

to reveal themselves and reinvent themselves.

Contact Information

Sciences Po

27, rue Saint Guillaume – 75337 Paris Cedex 07

33 (0)1 45 49 50 50

Primary Representative

Benoit Banchereau

Secondary Representative