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UNICON Russia/Ukraine Statement

From the UNICON Board

UNICON Russia/Ukraine Statement

UNICON represents the global executive education vision of our 116 member institutions drawn from 30 countries. In this our fiftieth year, UNICON celebrates our core values of collaboration, dialogue, and service among university-based executive development entities. As such we stand in full support of the people of Ukraine who are suffering a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions, due to the recent Russian invasion.

Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO is a member in good standing with our consortium. Their contributions have been numerous and noteworthy. Due to their organizational connections to the Russian government, we are suspending Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO’s UNICON membership.

In an effort to meet hatred with kindness, UNICON is making a significant donation to UNICEF to support the more than one million Ukrainian children who are now refugees of the conflict.

UNICON Board of Directors 2022