Register Now: 2022 Virtual UNICON Annual Workshop July 12 – July 14

“Lifelong Learning:

The Innovation Challenge for Executive Education.”

July 12 – July 14

Hosted by the Wisconsin School of Business Center for Professional & Executive Education, Madison, WI

The theme for the 2022 Annual Workshop is “Lifelong Learning: The Innovation Challenge for Executive Education.” How do we as executive education leaders promote lifelong learning as a value-added component of executive education? 

The July Workshop will be part of a multi-phase campaign by IEDP and UNICON. Prior to the July Workshop, IEDP will publish a report that will be a deep dive and analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats for university-based business schools to lifelong learning partnerships. The 2022 Annual Workshop will be supported by material from IEDP and UNICON, including the UBEE report. After the Workshop, a follow-up report will showcase a range of approaches and solutions to lifelong learning in UBEE.

Wisconsin School of Business Faculty Adam Bock will lead participants in interactive and thought-provoking sessions focusing on practical program ideation through understanding the more general challenge of innovation in executive education. Small group collaboration will enable participants to develop innovative program prototypes for the near-term while developing processes for program innovation for the long-term.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have new tools and techniques to facilitate continued innovation in executive education and lifelong learning.

There will be sessions on these dates from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm Central time.

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