INCAE Business School


Associate Dean, Executive Education & Strategic Innovation


Costa Rica


Closing date: June 15th

Position Summary

Reporting directly to the Dean of INCAE Executive Education and Strategic Innovation, the Associate Dean will have experience and knowledge of top international executive education.

The Associate Dean will be responsible for leading a consolidated team and optimizing the resources to implement an innovative business strategy. In his role, he will work directly with the Dean to define the division’s Strategic Plan, optimize the Unit Portfolio of Executive Education – 6 Degree and 40 Non-Degree Programs – and INCAE Online – 4 Online Degree and 20 Non-Degree Programs – in partnership with EMERITUS. They will work together at the executive level with faculty and senior staff inside the division and across the School and with partners and clients. The primary purpose is to develop and deliver high-quality, student-driven, executive degree, custom, and open-enrollment programs for more than 7.000 participants enrolled in the programs from public, private, government, and not-for-profit sectors in Latin America.

The Associate Dean and the division team ensure that the critical business systems and processes are supported and in alignment with the Institutional and Corporate Services systems and procedures and the other Units of the School. The Associate Dean is responsible for the P&L of the division.


  • Develop effective strategies for branding, marketing, selling, and executing the Unit portfolio of programs.
  • Manages implementation of the strategic marketing and sales plan to deliver Executive Education programs.
  • Maximizing revenue opportunities while sustaining the highest educational quality.
  • Working with the Dean and another senior staff to evaluate the success of each category of programs offered compared to competitors and articulate client expectations, demand, and the divisions and School’s long-term plans.
  • Establish annual goals, and implement strategies and operational plans to grow degree and non-degree training programs.
  • Manage market analysis and implement the strategic marketing and sales plan to deliver Executive Education and INCAE Online (in partnership with EMERITUS).
  • Support an entrepreneurial mindset throughout the division, inspiring the executive and administrative staff to deliver rigorous, creative, high-quality programs and experiences.
  • Keep the high rhythm of innovation, balance expansion, and quality control interests, and embrace the challenges that can arise.
  • Maintain him or herself and the team up-to-date on trends in the future of education, including pedagogies, learning approaches, and educational technologies.
  • Manages the performance of all assigned staff.

Minimum Qualifications

  • A doctorate-level is strongly preferred. An advanced degree is a must.
  • 10 + years of related experience.
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Leadership presence, industry knowledge, academic focus, and business sensibility.
  • A keen intellect with the ability to identify market trends and bring them as executive education opportunities.
  • Have a growth mindset and be a creative problem solver.
  • Excellent organizational, writing, and communication skills.
  • The ability to lead others, develop teams, and collaborate with a wide range of internal and other divisions, faculty, external clients, participants, partners, and stakeholders.
  • There is a strong sense of the business of executive education and online education, and market awareness.
  • Sensibility and awareness of cultural diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The position currently leads a team of approximately 60 staff, with three direct reports, and is a member of the Dean’s Management Committee (CODIP), Executive Education Management Team, and INCAE Online Leadership Team. As a member of these committees, the Associate Dean is a key contributor to the overall strategic direction and management of INCAE Executive Education & INCAE Online.

The position is in Costa Rica, and the programs are delivered in Costa Rica, the USA, Europe, and China. The Associate Dean will also be expected to travel nationally and internationally to support these programs and as directed by the Dean.

To Apply


Diana Bonell
Dean´s Office Manager
INCAE Executive Education & Strategic Innovation

Closing date: June 15th