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  UNICON Corporate University Partnership Study Released

Research Report: We are delighted to present you with the final report "Same Solar System, Different Orbits: Opportunities and Challenges in Executive Education and Corporate University Partnerships."  (large file: 75-page pdf)

Understanding how best to partner with corporate universities is critical for business schools.  The goal of this extensive international study is to extend our understanding of both the similarities and differences that exist between business schools executive education providers and corporate universities, to identify barriers to working together and to uncover opportunities for building bridges.

Surmounting the challenges of these relationships and collaborating on corporate learning is a future-oriented activity that provides opportunities for both organizations to improve in the face of a rapidly changing business environment.

The study was conducted by Marie Eiter, Jim Pulcrano, Jenny Stine, Toby Woll.

  "Achieving Greater Success in the Chinese Market" November 20 Webinar recording. Link will be archived in the members' area; select "Videos and Webinars" in the navigation bar of the members' area.

  Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria will host the UNICON 2015 Directors' Conference April 8-April 10, 2015.

This year's theme: "Leading Learning in Dynamic Markets"

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 MOOCs may have run their course, particularly in executive education, says IMD president Dominique Turpin.



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"Inspiration Matters!"

Kelly Bean is Chair of the UNICON board, and is Associate Dean of Executive Education at UCLA’s Anderson School where she designs, develops and often teaches executive education programs.

Dear UNICON Colleagues,

We are all entering into the busy fall delivery season.   But before we fully immerse ourselves in the exhilarating rush of our business demands, I urge each of you involved in University-based Executive Education to pause for a moment and reflect on the incredible work we do for our clients.    Not many people get to experience what we do:  watching our clients grow and develop, transform their businesses, and develop the leaders of tomorrow.  As Executive Education providers, we get to do this every day.   We provide the platform for people to experience knowledge.  

Who inspires you?  When was the last time you reflected on that question?   As the board chair of UNICON, I’d like to invite you and your teams to experiment with us this year.  How can UNICON help inspire you?   

We encourage each of you to tell us your stories, to participate in our webinars, to watch our new video blogs, to attend conferences, and maybe to start a regional network of your UNICON colleagues.   In short, we invite you to be inspired!

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Back to school: Schools see exec education resurgence from doldrums of downturn, Chris Gautz, Crain's Detroit Business, Feb 2, 2014
24 Mar 2014 07:42

Back to school: Schools see exec education resurgence from doldrums of downturn

Crain's Detroit Business

By Chris Gautz

Published: February 2, 2014

Original URL: http://www.crainsdetroit.com/article/20140202/NEWS/302029998/back-to-school-schools-see-exec-education-resurgence-from-doldrums

caption: [ ... ]

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MOOCs, sensors, apps and games: The revolution in education innovation
03 Mar 2013 06:42

MOOCs, sensors, apps and games:
The revolution in education innovation

In education innovation, MOOCS are only the beginning.

By Vivek Wadhwa

The Washington Post, March 29, 2013

Original URL: http://www.washingtonpost.com/national/on-innovations/in-education-innovation-moocs-are-only-the-beginning/201 [ ... ]

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Paradigm Shifts and Promising Practices
15 Jan 2013 16:17

  aradigm Shifts and Promising Practices
This year’s Unicon Directors’ conference takes place from April 9-11 atnfield School of Management in the UK.  

Under the theme "Paradigm Shifts and Promising Practices", the conference will explore the future of the organisational worl [ ... ]

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