Next UNICON Webinar: "Achieving Greater Success In The Chinese Market", November 20th, 2014, 9,30 am EST, 6,30 am PST, 3,30 pm in continental Europe, 10,30 pm in China. Presented by Teng Bingsheng,  Associate Dean and Associate Professor of Strategic Management Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) and facilitated by Greg Marchi, Chief Representative CKGSB Americas.

Western multinationals have notoriously failed when trying to enter the challenging Chinese market, even when using such tactics as acquisitions and alliances with Chinese companies. We will look at these precedents and bring to light some of the cultural and managerial differences between Western and Chinese firms and how they play out in Sino-foreign alliances. As a case in point, we'll discuss the failed attempt by Coca-Cola to acquire Huiyuan, the largest Chinese juice maker, and discuss the implications that case has on current Western-Chinese deals, such as the one between Chinese pork producer Shuanghui and its American counterpart, Smithfield. In addition, we'll consider the successful entry of Yum! Brands into China and discuss GM's recent noteworthy moves there, where it is the largest foreign automaker in the country. Participants will leave the webinar with some general and practical guidance on various aspects of what it takes to effectively do business in/with China.

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You can also forward this information to other colleagues and members of your school’s staff and take advantage of learning more about our industry’s hot-topics and leverage the benefits of your UNICON membership! This webinar will be hosted by IE Business School.

  2014 Team Development Conference Registration Closes Soon: This year’s conference theme is “Innovate or Evaporate!”  Sessions will be offered for people at all levels and functions.  You will learn how industry experts are approaching innovation in marketing, operations, technology and other areas.  Please follow these links for conference information, to review the topics and schedule, and to register. Hosted by the University of Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. Wednesday, December 3 - Friday, December 5

Conference Agenda     Limited Space Remaining. Register Now! 

  UNICON Board Member Announced

David Weinstein, Stanford University, recently stepped down from the UNICON board.  As directed by policy and following the recommendation of the Continuity Committee, the board appointed Peter Hirst, MIT Sloan School of Management, to the UNCON board for a term ending in 2020.  Please join us in welcoming Peter to the UNICON board of directors.



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"Inspiration Matters!"

Kelly Bean is Chair of the UNICON board, and is Associate Dean of Executive Education at UCLA’s Anderson School where she designs, develops and often teaches executive education programs.

Dear UNICON Colleagues,

We are all entering into the busy fall delivery season.   But before we fully immerse ourselves in the exhilarating rush of our business demands, I urge each of you involved in University-based Executive Education to pause for a moment and reflect on the incredible work we do for our clients.    Not many people get to experience what we do:  watching our clients grow and develop, transform their businesses, and develop the leaders of tomorrow.  As Executive Education providers, we get to do this every day.   We provide the platform for people to experience knowledge.  

Who inspires you?  When was the last time you reflected on that question?   As the board chair of UNICON, I’d like to invite you and your teams to experiment with us this year.  How can UNICON help inspire you?   

We encourage each of you to tell us your stories, to participate in our webinars, to watch our new video blogs, to attend conferences, and maybe to start a regional network of your UNICON colleagues.   In short, we invite you to be inspired!

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The 12 Myths of MOOCs
26 May 2013 12:42

The 12 Myths of MOOCs

By , President of Excelsior College

Published: May 24 2013

In a recent survey of several hundred educators, only 13 percent of schools today offer MOOCs, but 43 percent plan to offer them by 2016. So if we agree the trend is here to stay [ ... ]

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Provide a real-world education from experts in the field, By John Beck, Financial Times, November 3, 2013
06 Nov 2013 14:42

Provide a real-world education from experts in the field

Today’s business schools need to know when to act like corporations
d when to act like schools

The Financial Times

By John Beck

Published: November 3, 2013
br/>Original URL:  ttp:// [ ... ]

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Paradigm Shifts and Promising Practices
15 Jan 2013 16:17

  aradigm Shifts and Promising Practices
This year’s Unicon Directors’ conference takes place from April 9-11 atnfield School of Management in the UK.  

Under the theme "Paradigm Shifts and Promising Practices", the conference will explore the future of the organisational worl [ ... ]

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