Request For Proposals (RFP) For Selection Of A Digital Agency/Partner

UNICON is seeking an innovative DIGITAL AGENCY/PARTNER to assist in the improvement and management of its digital presence and tools for engaging with its membership and other stakeholders.This will not be your "usual" procurement process.   We are looking to establish a true PARTNERSHIP based on TRUST, shared COMMITMENT to excellence, efficiency and effectiveness, and BELIEF in the importance of the role of our organization and its members.

you know of an agency you believe is an exceptional candidate, contact Peter Hirst or Bill Scheurer.

Request Details:

   New UNICON Chair, Vice-Chair and Board Members

Clark Callahan, Dartmouth, will serve as chair of the 2015-2016 UNICON board and Cathleen Shea, Babson College will serve as vice-chair.

Leaving the board after a six-year term is Luca Borroni-Biancastelli, Insper Institute. Giuseppe Auricchio, IESE Business School and Lucy Voss-Price, University of Pretoria will join the board for six-year terms.

  New Committee Chairs, Too

Benchmarking - Giuseppe Auricchio, IESE Business School and Arnold Longboy, University of Chicago will co-chair the Benchmarking Committee for 2015-2016; David Abdow, Northeastern University, will again serve as off-board chair.

Board Continuity - Gabriel Aramouni, Universidad de San Andrés and Frank Lloyd, SMU will co-chair the Board Continuity Committee.

Communications - The Communications Committee will be co-chaired by Kelly Bean, University of California, Los Angeles, Peter Hurst, MIT Sloan School of Management and Bruce Wiesner, University of British Columbia.
Peter Methot, and Joe Schaffer, Rutgers University will serve as off-board co-chairs.

- Tina Narron, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Cathleen Shea, Babson College will co-chair the Conference Committee.

Finance - Gabriel Aramouni, Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA) and Cathleen Shea, Babson College will co-chair the Finance Committee.

Membership - Elena Escagedo, IE Business School
and Della Wong, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology will co-chair the Membership Committee and Jane Crombleholme, University of Manchester will serve as off-board chair.

Research - The Research Committee will be chaired by board member Lucy Voss-Price, University of Pretoria. Eric Bergemann, MIT Sloan School of Management will serve as off-board chair.  
Individuals are encouraged to participate. Please contact the committee on which you would like to serve.

Africa as an Emerging Market for Executive Education

The recent UNICON conference in South Africa provided a glimpse into the potential of the African Continent as a market for University-based Executive Education.  The topic is of a great deal of interest to UNICON members.  Is Africa the next great opportunity for executive education?  How does a provider based in The Americas, Europe or Asia assess the opportunity?  What are the unique challenges associated with providing executive education in Africa?  These were just some of the questions we asked several UNICON members who are familiar with the market. Full Story

   2015 Team Development Conference Theme Announced

This year's conference theme will be: "Driving and Managing Growth by Building High Performing Teams".

The conference will be held December 2-4 at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Kenan-Flagler Business School, Rizzo Conference Center.

Details to follow in early September

  How To Get Your Boss To Pay For Your Executive Education

It’s hard enough to ask your bosses for a raise. Now, imagine hitting them up for executive education. You can probably guess what they’re thinking. “Can’t you just use our in-house training program (or a MOOC, for that matter)?” “Isn’t this going to take time away from work?” And here’s the biggie: “How do we know that you’re not going to leave here and stick us with the bill?”

In a recent interview with The Economist, Bill Scheurer, Executive Director of the International University Consortium for Executive Education (UNICON), shared several strategies for motivating your bosses to pick up the tab.

  New FaceBook Page Centers on Conference Attendees

So far, anyway.  We've posted three sets of photos from recent conferences. UNICON members are welcome to forward photos you wish to appear on the UNICON FaceBook page to the webmaster at; be sure to identify the date, location and individuals in the photos.  Check out our new FaceBook page!

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Latest UNICON Updates

 Message from UNICON board chair Clark Callahan

Clark Callahan is Chair of the UNICON board for 2015-2016, and is Executive Director of Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College.

Dear UNICON Colleagues,

As I think about changes in business school based executive education in the time I have been associated with UNICON, it strikes me that on one hand UNICON is very similar today to what it was in 2003 – in terms of our culture of sharing and collaborating – but on the other hand it is incredibly different in that we are truly global in our membership and activities, and we have much richer means for communicating than we had a dozen years ago.  

We have all experienced the collaborative power of UNICON, and we know that the value that we take from it is a function of what we contribute. UNICON has endured by sticking to the fundamental principle of a consortium by and for the benefit of its members.

I offer three overarching observations as context for where we are and what we need to do to move UNICON forward – I believe we should acknowledge and continually adjust to:

  •  …being a truly global consortium – we are diverse in so many ways:  geographically, institutionally, professionally;   
  •  …catching up and getting ahead on digital presence and communications, and;
  •  …the paradox that everyone seems to have less time, yet we need more of our members’ time and engagement to make the consortium work

In keeping with these observations, several of our continuing priorities for UNICON include:
External communications. We have grappled a bit with the extent to which UNICON should provide a “voice of the industry,” and a loose consensus is emerging that while our primary focus is how we collaborate and learn together across institutions and geographies, there is also a way in which UNICON allows us to speak to key stakeholder groups broadly about the value of business school based executive education.

Website and digital media. We have a clear mandate and priority to adapt our website (and other digital media) to support our digital presence and communications. I think it’s fair to say we got a bit behind on this front, and now we are quickly catching up.

Shaping and engaging UNICON’s membership. We should continue and increase our efforts to further and more comprehensively engage UNICON’s diverse and truly global membership, so that all schools participate and actively contribute to the community.  We also must constantly search the world for exceptional schools, and bring them into the consortium.

Continuing with great research and benchmarking. Substantial investments in both of these areas – including contributed time from member schools – have provided valuable end-products that many of us depend upon. We should further support and bolster these efforts.

Professional development for all of our staff. The idea for UNICON to design and deliver professional development for members has been percolating for a while and I hope this will be the year that we act on it. We do this so well every year at the “newcomers” session and surely we can do more for other staff and do it uniquely well to give them the inspiration they deserve.

There are other emerging priorities, and this list will surely evolve. We have resources to invest wisely to address these opportunities; the constraint will more often be our own time rather than financial resources that holds us back. Rather than try to come up with perfect solutions, our goal should be to make incremental progress toward addressing these themes and priorities in the near-term.

In fact, one of the great strengths of UNICON is that there is continuity from year to year – the chair, vice chair, board and off-board chairs and all committee members truly share in the leadership of the organization. We don’t need a bold new theme every year; instead, we tweak, we build, and we expand. I believe this approach has and will continue to serve us well.

Thanks in advance for the contributions you will make to UNICON this year. I look forward to seeing you both virtually and in person at UNICON conferences.

All the best,

How To Get Your Boss To Pay For Your Executive Education
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The end of middle management?

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Sydney is a professor of strategy and leadership, and Dean for Executive Education at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and the author of 16 books, including Why Smart Executives Fail.

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