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  Board Membership

We are pleased to report that Arnold Longboy, University of Chicago – London, was elected to the UNICON board of directors. At the same time, David Weinstein, Stanford University, is the “Board Appointee” to the board of directors. Their six-year terms will begin in July of this year.

  UNICON Membership

We are delighted to report that the University of Reading Henley Business School, MIP Milano, and the University of the Witwatersrand were admitted to UNICON as “Associate Members.” Also at the Board meeting in Hong Kong, Nanyang Technology University was approved for Full Membership. Congratulations to these schools and welcome to the consortium.

  Annual UNICON Workshop: "All About Blended: Meeting our Partners’ Needs - While Staying True To Who We Are", hosted by IESE Business School, July 23-24, 2014, Barcelona, Spain. Register now! Seats are limited. Program details to follow...

 Executive Education in the News:  "Back to school: Schools see exec education resurgence from doldrums of downturn", Chris Gautz, Crain's Detroit Business, Feb 2, 2014.  More news articles

  Webinar Link Now posted in the Members' Area: "Serving the future needs of business in management development and retention" - originally held March 17, 2014, with Dr. Jim Pulcrano, Executive Director IMD. Hosted by BI Norwegian Business School. The duration of this movie is 00:57.22.

  Webinar Link Now posted in the Members' Area: "CRM Success: A Journey of Transition, Collaboration, and Transformation".

New Unicon Chairperson Defines Organization’s Role In The University-Based Executive Education Industry

“Prepare, s
hare and care”
Rochelle Weichman, UNICON Board chair 2013-2014

As Rochelle Weichman prepared to deliver her closing remarks at the UNICON directors’ conference in Cranfield, England, she challenged herself to encapsulate UNICON’s mission in a phrase.  What she came up with will serve as the foundation for her one-year tenure as Chairperson of the UNICON board:  “Prepare, share and care”. 

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The Unholy Alliance Against Online Learning
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The Unholy Alliance Against Online Learning

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FT Executive Education rankings 2013: methodology
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FT Executive Education rankings 2013: methodology

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Provide a real-world education from experts in the field, By John Beck, Financial Times, November 3, 2013
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Provide a real-world education from experts in the field

Today’s business schools need to know when to act like corporations
d when to act like schools

The Financial Times

By John Beck

Published: November 3, 2013
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