2015 Annual Workshop

Hosted by The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. The 2-day workshop, to be held July 15-16, will focus on "Leading High Performing Teams".

Successful leaders know their value lies not only in managing teams but also in inspiring others. Join your peers and colleagues at UNICON’s 2015 Summer Workshop at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Led by distinguished Wharton faculty, this two-day only workshop will revitalize your leadership skills with practical tools and frameworks, team exercises and case study discussions. Learn the imperatives of effective leadership and decision making that can help you create cultures of excellence within your own executive education programs.

Registration open only to individuals currently associated with UNICON member schools. In order to accommodate all member schools we ask that each school enroll only one person until May 28th. At that time, registration will open for additional individuals from our member schools.

Register Now!  

  Stockholm School of Economics Joins UNICON

Please welcome Stockholm School of Economics IFL Executive Education to the consortium.

  Associate to Full Member Status

At the UNICON board meeting in South Africa, Nyenrode Business Universiteit and Tecnológico De Monterrey (ITESM) were granted full membership status, having demonstrated their commitment and engagement as Associate members.

  Board Members Announced

Following elections and Board Continuity Committee meetings, Giuseppe Auricchio, IESE Business School was elected to the board by the primary representatives of UNICON member organizations and Dr. Lucy Voss-Price, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria was appointed to the board by the Board Continuity Committee.

They will begin their 6-year terms formally in July.

  UNICON-Sponsored Webinar: "IMD's approach To Online Learning"

Wednesday, April 29, 10.00 am EDT.  Check the registration page for your local time

Led by Dr. James Henderson, Professor of Strategic Management, IMD

Dr. Henderson will introduce IMD Global leadership in the cloud programs, their uniqueness, how they differ from other online courses and will be open to take questions and elaborate on the defined topic.

Registration URL: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3752028819461174786

Webinar ID: 156-603-451

  UNICON Corporate University Partnership Study Released

Research Report: We are delighted to present you with the final report "Same Solar System, Different Orbits: Opportunities and Challenges in Executive Education and Corporate University Partnerships."  (large file: 75-page pdf)

Understanding how best to partner with corporate universities is critical for business schools.  The goal of this extensive international study is to extend our understanding of both the similarities and differences that exist between business schools executive education providers and corporate universities, to identify barriers to working together and to uncover opportunities for building bridges.

Surmounting the challenges of these relationships and collaborating on corporate learning is a future-oriented activity that provides opportunities for both organizations to improve in the face of a rapidly changing business environment.

The study was conducted by Marie Eiter, Jim Pulcrano, Jenny Stine, Toby Woll.

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Latest UNICON Updates

 A Culture of
Continuous Learning

Kelly Bean is Chair of the UNICON board, and is Associate Dean of Executive Education at UCLA’s Anderson School where she designs, develops and often teaches executive education programs.

Dear UNICON Colleagues,

As I approach the homestretch of my term as UNICON board chair, I have been reflecting on the quality of the individuals I’ve met from the University-based Executive Education industry.  A few themes have emerged from my interactions with executive education colleagues around the world:

  We practice what we preach. 

Not only do we help our organizational partners develop their skills, leadership attributes, and strategic acumen, but we also take very seriously the need to grow and develop ourselves.  I have rarely seen a group of individuals so completely committed to self- improvement.  The quality of your participation in conferences, webinars, LinkedIn discussions and other interactions, never ceases to amaze me.  I am inspired by you and grateful for your optimism and energy.

  We are devoted to the development of our own teams and put enormous time and effort into ensuring that we generously and selflessly transfer our knowledge to our team members. 

This transfer of knowledge ensures that the next decade of University- based Executive Education will be even more exiting, dynamic and expansive than the last one.

  As an industry, we never stop looking for ways to improve our clients’ learning experiences. 

There is a palpable restlessness among you to use every tool available to create learning that is impactful, memorable, and immediate.  This struck me most powerfully when I began reading about SPOCs a few months ago.  It occurred to me that while other areas of higher education struggle with how to turn SPOCs into an effective business model, we’ve been doing it for many years.  This realization prompted us to speak with some University-based Executive Education experts on the topic of SPOCs.  I think you will find the resulting article to be both informative and affirming. 

SPOC article link ...

"Business school: time to set yourself apart", By William Ham Bevan, November 4, 2013, The Telegraph
05 Nov 2013 14:42

Business school: time to set yourself apart

The Telegraph

By William Ham Bevan

Published: November 4, 2013
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Recent years have seen a proliferation of advanced leadershi [ ... ]

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You'll Never Guess Who's Disrupting Online Learning - Forbes, 12-05-13
19 Dec 2013 10:42

You'll Never Guess Who's Disrupting Online Learning


By Chris Proulx, President & CEO of eCornell

Published: December 5, 2013

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We have been hearing for the past 18 months [ ... ]

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Laptop U
10 Jun 2013 12:42

Laptop U

Has the future of college moved online?

by Nathan Heller

May 20, 2013


Gregory Nagy, a professor of classical Greek literature at Harvard, is a gentle academic of the sort who, asked about the future, will begin speaking of Homer and the battles of the distant past. At sevent [ ... ]

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