Now Posted on YouTube: UNICON Webinar: "Leveraging Alumni Relationships - Best Practices to Support Executive Education"

Pat Cataldo Bob Stilliard

UNICON Webinar Held Tuesday, November 17th

Leveraging Alumni Relationships - Best Practices for Executive Education" direct link to YouTube.

Introduction by Rob Dietel. Presented by Pat Cataldo and Bob Stilliard, co-authors of this original UNICON-sponsored research.

Alumni are a hugely important constituency to colleges and universities for many reasons. This webinar explored how university-based, non-degree, executive education offices can better engage alumni in their programs in part to support the mission of lifelong learning. Recent developments in the industry suggest this is a very timely subject and may provide valuable input for decision-makers within UNICON member schools.

The authors addressed the research findings for engaging alumni, identifying contacts, incentives and discounts, granting alumni status, school support, and other topics. A series of recommendations were presented to help maximize alumni engagement efforts.

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Find all recent webinars, including both webinars addressing the Financial Times study, archived on our UNICON YouTube channel.

  2015 UNICON Team Development Conference Details

Currently at capacity.

The 2015 UNICON Team Development Conference takes place December 2-4 at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. This year's theme is "Driving and Managing Growth by Building High-Performing Teams".

After years of cost-cutting, companies have started reinvesting in talent development. They are looking to executive education providers to help prepare their leaders for a more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous future. They are placing more demands on executive education to fill critical knowledge gaps and develop internal capabilities.

Meanwhile, business schools offering non-degree executive education face more competition than ever, from consultants, technology start-ups, MOOCs - not to mention new schools entering the market around the world.

You must be associated with a UNICON member school to attend.

Currently at capacity. To be placed on our wait list, email

  Financial Times Rankings Report Released

UNICON is pleased to present the research project Understanding the Financial Times Executive Education Rankings: A 360-Degree Review” by Jenny Stine, Jim Pulcrano, and Tom Cavers.

The annual Financial Times rankings of Executive Education are the most followed and discussed in our industry. This comprehensive research report details how the FT’s rankings work, how clients and customers of executive education, schools, and experts view and use the rankings, and offers perspectives on how ranking systems can and should better reflect the diversity of executive education offerings, the distinctive strengths of schools, and the evolving nature of the marketplace.

In addition to the report, the research team has produced an Infographic explaining how the ratings work. The team will also be conducting two webinars reviewing the report findings in the coming weeks.

Financial Times Executive Education Rankings 1999-2015

  Research Report: “Future Trends in Business Education

A few months ago, UNICON partnered with AACSB and the EMBA Council to commission a report on future trends in business education, base on the “voice of the customer." Our research partner, Executive Core, LLC, polled more than 70 corporations, and compiled this report.

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 Message from UNICON board chair Clark Callahan

Clark Callahan is Chair of the UNICON board for 2015-2016, and is Executive Director of Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College.

Dear UNICON Colleagues,

As you know, this year our colleagues at UNC Chapel Hill are kindly hosting the Team Development Conference.  The theme is Driving and Managing Growth By Building High-Performing Teams

Whether or not you'll be attending the conference, you can follow the agenda and topics as they develop on the LinkedIn Group – - where Kip Kelly has given us a few previews of what we can expect, like his latest post on crisis communications. (It’s worth joining this Group if you’re not in it already). No doubt the discussions will be lively and the insights valuable.

For those of you lucky enough to attend the conference, there will be wonderful opportunities to connect and reconnect with many peers from around the world.  I know from personal experience that Kenan Flagler is a world-class institution, with friendly people located in a wonderful part of the States (and by the way, the food is fabulous). So, we’re in for a treat.

Finally, if you’re looking for an inspirational read-ahead, I might suggest Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of a Team if you haven’t read it before – it’s a quick read!

See you in Chapel Hill!

All the best,


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From Clark Callahan, UNICON Chair 2015-2016
20 Aug 2015 13:42

Message from UNICON board chair Clark Callahan

Clark Callahan is Chair of the UNICON board for 2015-2016, and is Executive Director of Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College.      "Thanks in advance for the contributions
you will make to UNICON this year.”

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